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Mastermind's full range of integrated IT and hosting services insure every aspect of your technology needs are accounted for, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the view.

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Contemplating the Cloud?

Moving all or part of your business operating infrastructure to a cloud network can lead to much lower operating costs, streamlined application deployment, and enhanced mobility.

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...may save your business. Find out how our online backup and disaster recovery services can keep your important business data safe in the event of physical loss or damage.

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Researching Hardware

We’re beginning to work with a local hardware vendor to put together a basic computer to serve as the go-to replacement for any business workstation.  The machine will have an Intel Atom processor, 4GB of memory, a 60GB SSD, and run Windows 7 Pro 64bit.  The best news about this machine is that it has NO moving parts.  With an entirely solid-state machine, there will be far less heat generated and absolutely no noise during any mode of operation.  As well, since there are no moving parts, the useful life of the machine may be pushed out beyond 4 years depending on the use.

No more worrying about fans stopping, hard drives failing, or systems overheating.  This box should let you simply do your work.

New Site Layout!

Gone is the Flash-centric site of old.  We loved the look, but search engines don’t like that stuff very much.  Thanks to the crew at Pulse Creative for the work!

Hosted Management Suite now available to clients

We like to consult with prospective clients to determine what their real needs are instead of trying to shoe-horn them into a templated service.  As a result, many of our clients with full-time IT staff elect to only utilize our network management services for their critical production servers.  As a result, our experience in overall network management isn’t felt to the fullest, as our scheduled maintenance, management, and monitoring only extends so far into a clients network.

Today, we are making our management suite available to those clients that have full-time IT staff, yet need a framework and assistance for managing end-user workstations.  This is a very powerful service, as it leverages Mastermind’s years of experience with system management and automation to effectively administrate the entire computer infrastructure.  Clients using this service gain access to hundreds of tools, scripts, procedures, best-practices, and human experience without the cost of the additional dedicated hardware and software.  The suite is entirely web-based, enabling IT administrators to manage, maintain, and troubleshoot all of their LAN systems wherever they are in the world from one location.

Much more important than the tools themselves are the thousands of man-hours of experience using the tools.  Mastermind engineers are available to IT administrators to help them make the most out of using the suite.  This can take the form of consulting regarding maintenance procedures, creating custom scripted installations, making custom software monitoring procedures, and overall assistance in using the tools effectively.  We believe the tools are only effective if they are used correctly, so we seek to insure our clients knowledge and utilization of the suite to make it a mandatory part of their job needs.

Contact us to find out if this service makes sense for your IT department.

Mastermind partners with Seattle Micro

Teaming up with like-minded service providers is the key to our continued success.  Mastermind announces that we’ve found a good crew with which to work.  The guys at Seattle Micro bring years of experience in hardware, software, and network administration.  We’re looking forward to working with Seattle Micro as both of us utilize each other’s services to care for the needs of our respective clients.

Cheers, guys!